The research assistant that explores the deep web
to uncover answers to your most complex issues.


Find out what nobody knows yet,
just with what you know.

  1. Draft your query

    Whatever its field and complexity.
    Rnest is neutral and limitless.

  2. Start the research

    Select websites that you trust and want to search primarily.

  3. Explore the answers

    Rnest explores the deep web in real-time and unravels all the relevant answers to your query.


A french conceived AI that navigates
independently across the whole web.


Rnest’s web

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  • Rnest’s navigation rules are mimicking human behaviour

    “I will click on that link rather than another one”.

  • Rules and results are traceable and transparent

    “I will only read web pages that contain my search terms”.

  • A 100% independent and neutral technolog

    “In a few hours, I will get an extensive knowledge base covering my question at 360°, without any cognitive or commercial bias”.

Case studies

Many different use cases
in all business sectors/industries.

Are there security issues that might threaten our operational/exploitation sites in this country?

A French manufacturing firm

800000 web pages visited

667 days of reading saved

Data visualization

What is the innovation policy of each TOP 200 European companies?

An international consulting firm

1000000 web pages visited

833 days of reading saved

Data visualization

Who is gene therapy for? What results has it shown? What are the barriers to its development?

A health care consulting firm

2025000 web pages visited

1687 days of reading saved

Data visualization

How will the coronavirus crisis impact the French B2B real estate market?

A French bank

190000 web pages visited

158 days of reading saved

Data visualization

How does the case law regarding the right to be forgotten on the internet evolves ?

End of study dissertation of a La Sorbonnne University law student

450000 web pages visited

375 days of reading saved

Data visualization

What neobanks bear more risk of identity fraud?

A state agency

285000 web pages visited

237 days of reading saved

Data visualization

Rnest boosts our consultants daily and helps them come up with powerful and relevant ideas.

Elsa Cuisinier, President of Colombus Consulting
L’Assurance Maladie
BNP Paribas
Bouygues Télécom
Colombus Consulting
La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Ministère des armées
Ministère de l’intérieur
Société Générale

About us

A technology owned by La mètis,
a fully French owned company.

Team pic

Our team is made of data scientists and economic analysts who think AI can boost the human thinking power by impartially multiplicating the possible approaches to answer a question / solve a problem.

Our technology allows an unchallenged broad-mindedness, in a short time period, and with very little effort asked from the user.

We offer a sovereign French access to the deep web, independent from any other technological or commercial actor.

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